Step 1: Lock in your date.

To “lock in your date” we require two things; signing of contract and a deposit. This can be done over email/phone, but we do have an office in downtown Halifax for these types of consultation meetings. We accept cash, cheque, MasterCard and VISA.

Step 2: Rental specifics and Logistics

Rental specifics is determining layout (6X4 or strips), branding of prints, and any extras such as props, pipe and drape, additional hours, and scrapbooks. We have the photo booth set up at our office to help you determine the best layout for your wedding, and also to have some fun.

Logistics would include specifics time frame and location of event. Typically we set up when the DJ comes in, after dinner when people are up and moving around and socializing. 9 to 12 is a typical time frame for our service at weddings, and we are best when set up in foyers, hallways, or corners of rooms (uncongested areas).

Step 1 and 2 can easily be done at the same time, during the same consultation meeting; we can also do this through separate meetings if necessary.